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Our Story

The Meat Schoppe - serving friends and neighbors in the Lancaster and surrounding communities with locally grown, farm fresh beef, pork and more from our family farms to your dinner table. Rooted in family and quality values, the products you will find at The Meat Schoppe are only the best. I mean we wouldn't serve our families anything less, and wouldn't expect you to either!

The Meat Schoppe is owned and operated by the Retallick Family from Glen Haven, Wisconsin. Keri Retallick has lived and worked in the Lancaster area for all of her adult life. Her husband, Kevin is a Grant Country Wisconsin native who is the third generation on the family farm near Glen Haven, Wisconsin. Recently, the fourth generation has been added to the mix with Kelsi Retallick returning to the family operation. Launching The Meat Schoppe meant taking our previous freezer beef operation to a whole new level. It also meant finding those that could support us in our endeavor.


That's where Mr. Jeff Redman comes into play. Like the Retallicks, he is a Grant County native. He's a wizard with the carving knife and an artist when creating new recipes for our customers to try. Having an in-house butcher means, our meat is cut FRESH and brats, summer sausage, snack sticks and other goods are created right in the store.  It also gives customers the opportunity to have meat cut-to-order. Have something you want to try? Talk to Jeff and let's try to make it a reality.   

The beef is locally sourced from 2K Cattle Enterprises - our family's seedstock beef operation.  2K Cattle has always been known as a leader in supplying high-quality Angus genetics to the their commercial cow/calf customers. Diversifying the operation to include a meat retail location has allowed us to provide our quality products to your dinner table. High-quality premium Angus  beef doesn't just happen by chance, it takes years and years of meticulous breeding decisions involving Angus genetics. We have spent years refining our genetic program to ensure we can offer the very best. All beef is grass, fed and grained finished to allow for the optimal eating experience. 

The pork is also locally sourced from our long-time bull customer and friends, Wolf Family Farms of Lancaster, Wisconsin. When looking for a local pork supplier is was a no brainer to reach out to Shannon and Melissa. The family operation reminds us of our own with multiple generations taking part in the family business. 


While just established in the 2021, we are humbled by the community and other local support we have received! We hope to see you one day! 

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